Inspired Moms - Writing

Writing Course for Moms

We believe that being a mom is a great opportunity for God to speak to women and use their unique gifts and talents as writers  to help others.

We offer the following writing classes and courses for moms / spiritual moms:


Devotional Writing for Moms  ( 3 Months, Meets Weekly )

Finding Your Writing Voice / Developing Your Story  (16 weeks, Meets Weekly)

Non-Fiction Writer Development (3 months, Meets Weekly)

Character Development (1 month, Meets Weekly)

The Business of Writing  (Overview) (2 week class, Meets Weekly)

Writing for Influence and Change  (3 months, Meets Weekly)

Children’s Book Writer and Illustrator Connection (4 Weeks, Meets Weekly)

Whetherer you are a mom who wants to learn how to write a book or to learn to write for your familiy and friends or develop your gifts and talents as a writer to bring inspired ideas to life, we have many equipping opportunities for you. 

Please contact us for class dates, times and locations.

A writing group is available for women in the Flower Mound, TX area. Please contact us for more information.