Upcoming Training

Bylines & Bios Training


April 17th, 2019 on our Publishing Road Facebook Page, Wendy Hamilton will give training on how to create a compeling biography that showcases who you are in 100 words or less to equip you for publication.

Developing Devotionals


May 15th, 2019 - Wendy Hamilton will present a tutorial on Publishing Road that will provide you with instruction on how to develop devotionals that reach your audience as well as what publications are looking for devotional writers. 

What's Your Story?

Mom reading a book to daughter.

Do you feel you have a story that you need to write? On June 19th, 2019 on Publishing Road,  Wendy Hamilton will share the heart of writing your story and give constructive tips on how to get started, stay motivated and get published! 

Publishing Road

The training and equipping space for authors and speakers of Inspired Life Ministries.