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30 Verses to Heal a Mama's Heart


Read 30 Verses to Heal a Mama's Heart the first devotional by Wendy Hamilton, co-founder of Inspired Life Ministries, released November 2017 through Amazon.com, Amazon Europe and through other online and offline bookstores and retailers. An updated 2nd Edition released April 2019.

In this one-month devotional, Wendy facilitates a conversation between God and His beloved daughters. As moms (biological, adopted and spiritual moms) read and memorize verses, read the devotionals and participate in an interactive written and artistic journaling process they understand more of their identity as daughters, grow closer in their relationship with God and see more of their purpose in their everyday lives.

This devotional is available to purchase at  Amazon.com.

For discounts on bulk orders of 25 books or more please contact the publisher, WindSpirit Press, at www.windspiritpress.com

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